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Cenotes Dive Sites

Discover the different Cenote Dive Sites

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Browse the map to localize the different Cenotes Dive Sites. Click on the icons to see a full technical description.

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We dive at:

  • Chac Mool (max. depth 45ft.)
    Three Cenotes, air pocket, halocline and decorations.
  • Chikin Ha (max. depth 50ft.)
    Two Cenotes in one dive, halocline and fossils.
  • Ponderosa (max. depth 45ft.)
    Two Cenotes, halocline, fossils and decorations.
  • Taj-Mahal (max. depth 50ft.)
    Four Cenotes in one dive, many decorations, halocline and fossils.
  • Dos Ojos (max. depth 30ft.)
    Two Cenotes, all decorated, air pocket and fossils.
  • Bat Cavern (max. depth 40ft.)
    Two Cenotes, fossils and spectacular decorations like Gothic churches
  • Calavera (max. depth 50ft.)
    Ten feet giant stride entrance, halocline and decorations.
  • Gran Cenote (max. depth 40ft.)
    Beautiful white decorations everywhere and fossils.
  • Aktun Ha (max. depth 60ft.)
    Decorations, fossils and layer of algae at the surface provides a very special light.
  • Angelita (deep dive)
    Unbelivable!, at 100ft. a 6 feet thick cloud of hydrogen sulfide, these dive will blow your mind away!