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Kitesurfing in Cancun

Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing in Cancun

Feel the strength of wind.

Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing in Cancun
Kiteboarding is a sport that now can be learn in a very easy and safe way. With professional instruction , new equipments and one of the best beginner spots in the world as Isla Blanca you can became a kiteboarder in 3 days.

The place is situated in Saltwater lagoon so big you can’t see the other side. The north winds season starts on november and finish on february. The south-east winds season starts on march and finish on may.

Kite out for 2 km, fall off, and stand up to your waist..

The first part of the Discovery program will take you through the steps of equipment set up, flying technics and safety Furthermore you will be piloting an inflatable kite, learn to water-relanch and body dragging in the water and self resque tecnic.

Come and learn how to fly above the sea.

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Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing in Cancun