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Rates are shown in U.S. Dollars (USD) or the equivalent in Mexican pesos.
Credit or debit card payments will be charged 5% extra.
Tips are not included. In Mexico, a 10% to 15% tip is suggested if you are satisfied with the service.
We offer transportation service, price may vary depending on the hotel you’ll be picked up.

PADI Scuba Diving Courses
Discover Scuba Diving110 usd
Scuba Tune-up40 usd
Scuba Diver Certification (**)310 usd
Open Water Certification (**)445 usd
Open Water Referral305 usd
Advanced Open Water Diver (**)385 usd
Rescue Diver (*) (**)300 usd
Divemaster (***)845 usd
Online Course (****)395 usd

(*) It’s mandatory to be trained and current for first aid and CPR within the previous two years.
(**) Required material = 45 usd
(***) Required material = 285 usd
(****) Includes pool work and four (4) open water dives.

PADI Specialty Scuba Diving Courses

(*) Required material = 45 usd

General Diving Services
Discover Scuba Diving110 usd
Reef Diving (1 tank - 1 day)75 usd
Reef Diving (2 tanks)95 usd
Reef Diving (4 tanks - 2 days)185 usd
Reef Diving (6 tanks - 3 days)270 usd
Cozumel Diving215 usd
Cenote Diving (2 tanks)190 usd
Snorkeling Services
Snorkeling Tour45 usd
Snorkeling at the Cenotes90 usd

Cancellation Policy

  • 15 days or more prior to the service: 100% refund of purchase amount.
  • Between 14 to 8 days prior to the service: 50% refund.
  • 7 days prior to the service (or in case that no show): no refund.
  • In case of bad weather: 100% refund, this is when Port authorities does not permit us to go out.
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