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Experience the magical underwater world snorkeling with Cancun Scuba Center.

We are the perfect alternative for those that are not so keen on scuba diving. You will still get to see the beauty of the reefs close up.

We offer a huge variety of Snorkeling tours in Cancun and the Riviera Maya area. You will see grouper fish who change their colour to match the background, flashing from spots to stripes to solid colours as they move from sand to coral are truly amazing to watch. The varieties of invertebrates turn this into an underwater kaleidoscope of colour with corals and sea anemones, crabs and lobsters.

You can also do snorkeling at the amazing Cenotes, or swim with the Whale Skarks! (only in season).

This is an experience you will never forget. This area is a haven for adventure-seekers looking for new challenges and places to explore.

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